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快乐时时彩 Ecoline – the new machine series

With Ecoline, the Buhler Die Casting business unit has rolled out a third machine type after the Carat and Evolution. Ecoline has been designed with the medium market in mind and is distinguished by its ruggedness and reliability.

精锐——新系列机型  布勒新型压铸机

精锐,是继EvolutionCarat之后,布勒又推出的一款新机型 _精锐,这是一款结构坚固、值得信赖的经济型机型。


Buhler has been manufacturing top-quality die casting systems since 1927. With its Carat and Evolution machine series, Buhler has up to now offered a range of equipment that catered especially to the manufacturers of cast components meeting elevated requirements in terms of quality, complexity, and flexibility.

快乐时时彩 自1927年起,布勒就致力于尖端压铸系统的开发。从Evolution到Carat,布勒根据客户需求研发出了一系列压铸机型,可满足产品高质量,复杂性和灵活性的生产需求。


All the quality features

With Ecoline, Buhler is launching a machine type of straightforward design which boasts all the quality features of a Buhler machine: rugged, reliable, economical, energy-saving, durable, and easy to operate, or – in two words: Swiss quality. “




Long service life, easy operation

快乐时时彩 As a “genuine” Buhler machine, Ecoline has all the capabilities expected of a state-of-the-art die casting machine for aluminum or magnesium. Ecoline is distinguished by its rugged and reliable engineering. “When it came to selecting the engineering materials and the manufacturing process, we were uncompromising,” says development project manager Kurt Rüdisühli. Ecoline is characterized by its high casting capacity with optimized energy consumption. The shot unit is matched precisely to the needs of the market and blends smoothly with the existing product portfolio of Buhler.

快乐时时彩 Much attention was also paid to easy operation. A clearly structured and easy-to-understand operating philosophy allows fast production starts with a low training requirement. A high uptime is achieved through the use of proven components. The optimized design of the hydraulic system and the targeted reduction of the number of components minimize the maintenance and training requirements for maintenance crews.


精锐,继承了布勒产品的优秀基因,代表了先进的铝、镁合金压铸工艺,具有坚固的结构和值得信赖的工程支持。“对于工程材料的选择和产品的制造工艺我们都会严格把关,决不妥协”布勒精锐项目经理Kurt Rüdisühli这样说道。精锐融入了现有Evolution和Carat机型长处,是一款低能耗、高产能的机型,完全能满足市场大部分产品的需要。

快乐时时彩 精锐机的另一个特点就是操作简便。简洁的机器构造和简单的操作理论能够让设备操作人员经过较短时间的培训后就能上机操作。经过验证的产品部件保证了机器最大的开机率。优化的液压系统设计和精简的产品部件,降低了机器的维护要求和成本。


Short delivery times, competent service

The Ecoline is available as a standard machine, but can be equipped with additional options. The locking forces range from 340, 530, and 660 to 840 tons. The delivery times for the machines are extremely short. Fast start-up by local technicians minimizes costs and ensures rapid commissioning of the casting cells.

Buhler maintains a global customer service network and local spare parts stores. Locally stationed specialist service technicians ensure fast responses whenever the need should arise.

Ecoline, just as Evolution and Carat, stands for renowned Buhler quality, but with a more straightforward scope of functions and performance at an attractive price.




快乐时时彩 精锐, 和Evolution & Carat系列一样,是布勒品质的代表。其精简的结构设计和功能,能为您带来更优惠的价格。


For more information on the Ecoline, please contact:




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